New Pages on the Blog: A Summary

Over the last few weeks, I’ve tried to expand the reach of the blog by adding some new pages. Most of these are under construction, and constantly being updated. Here is a quick summary:

The book reviews page brings together all the book reviews on this blog. So far, we’ve reviewed Agamben’s State of Exception, Waldron’s The Harm in Hate Speech, and Narrain & Suresh (eds.), The Judicial Nineties.

The Civil Liberties Database aims to provide a comparative constitutional law resource for civil liberties lawyers. It provides links to summaries and full texts of important civil liberties judgments from the United States, South Africa, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Court, international tribunals (where applicable) and so on. The Database is classified by liberties (e.g., free speech, discrimination law etc.), and by sub-categories (pornography, hate speech, commercial speech etc.). The free speech section is the most detailed so far, and others are under construction.

Free Speech Watch aims to record free speech violations throughout India, as they happen.

The Regressive Laws Database page, which is very much in its infancy, aims to compile a list of particularly regressive Indian laws (such as the marital rape exception, S. 377 etc.), with brief explanations of how they violate essential constitutional guarantees, and progressive political thought more generally.

Lastly, Theorising Rights provides links to classical texts in political philosophy, that are the foundations of how we think about our civil rights and liberties. We have recently added some brilliant feminist pieces by Nancy Fraser, Catherine MacKinnon and Carole Pateman, Marx’s original critique of liberal rights in On the Jewish QuestionRonald Dworkin on liberalism, and two full-length books: Judith Butler’s Precarious Life (on national security and emergency powers), and Sheldon Wolin’s Democracy Incorporated (on democracy and the economic basis of society).

As mentioned above, all the pages are works-in-progress – so check back for continuing updates!


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