Constituent Assembly Search Website

The Centre for Law and Policy Research has developed a website for searching the Constituent Assembly Debates. So far, researchers have been using Vivek Srinivasan’s fantastic search engine for our research, which has been a truly invaluable resource. The CLPR website, however, looks to be a step up with a more interactive interface, and more focussed searches. Happy browsing!



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6 responses to “Constituent Assembly Search Website

  1. Aditya Bapat

    I typed “freedom of speech” in the search box. After 10 minutes, it’s still searching. No results.

    • Dear Aditya,

      Thanks for using the site.

      ‘Freedom of speech’ returns around 149 relevant paragraphs from 30 days of the constituent assembly. Not sure why you did not get any search results Please try the search again. If you are still not obtaining any results write to us below and we can figure what’s going wrong. It’s seems like everything is fine from our end though.

      In anycase, do continue to use the site and give us more feedback

      CADIndia team

  2. The site is working – if you type freedom of speech in the search box, it will give you the relevant extracts – please do try again!


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