The Indian Constitutional Law and Philosophy turns five years old today. On the one hand, the Supreme Court has heard some truly fascinating and complex cases over the last few months. On the other hand, we have seen recent attempts to show that the fundamental rights chapter protects deities, and even more recently (today), we have seen the Supreme Court setting itself up as an extra-constitutional book censor. Perhaps this is an indication that the next five years will be as exciting – and frustrating – as the last.

My gratitude, as ever, to the blog’s readers, to the people who have commented on the posts and in emails, to those who have written guest posts, and to everyone else who has engaged here, in real life, and on social media.

The half-decade point seems a good time to ring in a change. I’m delighted to welcome Vasudev Devadasan as a fellow-contributor to ICLP. Vasudev has been a frequent guest-post contributor to the blog, and covered the Delhi Government case in some detail. He will henceforth be posting and writing on the blog in his own capacity. To avoid confusion of authorship, we will introduce bylines.

I am looking forward, as ever, to what this coming year brings for Indian constitutionalism.

Thank you to everyone once again.