Updated Guest Post Guidelines

The Indian Constitutional Law and Philosophy blog has updated its guest post guidelines. Those interested in submitting guest posts are strongly encouraged to read the Guidelines before submission. In particular, I would like to stress that:

A. Please send your submissions in the blog format. Specifically, please use hyperlinks to refer to sources, and not footnotes. Even more specifically, please do not submit research projects for consideration. If you want to convert a research project into a blog post, that’s absolutely fine, but please do that before you submit.

B. Please do not mention your institutional affiliation in your submission.

C. ICLP does not generally consider simultaneous submissions. The one exception to that rule is cross-posting on different forums, for which an accommodation can be made in certain circumstances. If you have submitted a piece to more than one forum with the objective of cross-posting, please mention that at the time of submission.

We will not be able to consider guest posts that do not follow these guidelines. Apologies in advance.

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