The ConCast: Episode 1 (27 May 2022)

I am happy to introduce The ConCast, a podcast on the Indian Constitution, the courts, and beyond. The podcast will be available both in the form of posts on the blog, on Podbean (to download), and in due course, on the major podcast platforms.

In this opening episode, Suhrith Parthasarathy and I look back on the month of May at the Supreme Court, talking about the sedition case, the use of Article 142 in tax cases, the GST and federalism, and more. Give it a listen!

Cases discussed:

Kedar Nath Singh vs Union of India.

S.G. Vombatkere vs Union of India.

Union of India vs Mohit Minerals.

Union of India vs Ashish Agarwal.

RIT Foundation vs Union of India.

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