Academic Scholarship

A list of my academic work. (N.B.: Pre-publication versions of almost all paywalled articles can be found on my SSRN Page)

I. Books

  1. The Transformative Constitution (Harper 2018) (forthcoming)
  2. Offend, Shock, or Disturb: Freedom of Speech under the Indian Constitution (OUP 2015) (here)

II. Articles

A. Legal Theory

  1. ‘The Politics of Statutory Interpretation: The Hayekian Foundations of Justice Antonin Scalia’s Jurisprudence’, (2014) 42(3) Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly 525 (available here).
  2. ‘‘Understanding’ and ‘Interpretation’: A Fresh Defence of Dworkin’s Interpretivist Account of Law’, (2015) 40 The Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 66 (available here) (paywalled).

B. Constitutional Theory

  1. ‘Gender Discrimination’ in The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law (Rainer Grote et al eds., OUP 2017) (co-authored with Jimena Suarez Ibarolla).
  2. ‘Comprehensive Transformative Amendments – Theory and Practice: Rethinking the Place of Women’s Rights in the Constitution, (2015) 13(1) Dartmouth Law Journal 1 (available here).

C. Indian Constitutional Law

  1. ‘”Equal Moral Membership”: Naz Foundation and the Refashioning of Equality under a Transformative Constitution’, (2017) 1(2) The Indian Law Review 115 – 144 (available here – paywalled)
  2. “The Supreme Court’s Right-to-Privacy Judgment”, LII(44) Economic & Political Weekly 22 – 25 (November 4, 2017) (available here – paywalled).
  3. “Freedom from Community: Individual Rights, Group Life, State Authority, and Religious Freedom under the Indian Constitution”, (2016) 5(3) Global Constitutionalism 351 (available here – paywalled)
  4. ‘The Directive Principles of State Policy: Theory and Practice’ in The Oxford Handbook for the Indian Constitution (Khosla et al eds., OUP 2015) (draft available here)
  5. ‘Horizontal Discrimination and Article 15(2) of the Indian Constitution: A Transformative Approach’, (2016) 11(1) The Asian Journal of Comparative Law (available here – paywalled)
  6. ‘The Conservative Constitution: Freedom of Speech and the Constituent Assembly Debates’ in The Indian Constituent Assembly Debates (Udit Bhatia ed., Routledge 2018) [available here]
  7. ‘State Surveillance and the Right to Privacy in India: A Constitutional Biography’, (2014) 26(2) National Law School of India Review 127 (available here).

D. Comparative Constitutional Law

  1. ‘Autonomy, Fairness, Pragmatism, and False Election Speech: A Case Comment on DA vs ANC, [2015] ZACC 1’ (draft available here).

III. Book Reviews

  1. Bruce Ackerman, We the People: The Civil Rights Revolution, 684 Seminar 77 (August 2016) (available here)