Academic Scholarship

A list of my academic work.

I. Books

1. Offend, Shock, or Disturb: Freedom of Speech under the Indian Constitution (OUP 2015) (here)


II. Articles

A. Legal Theory

  1. ‘The Politics of Statutory Interpretation: The Hayekian Foundations of Justice Antonin Scalia’s Jurisprudence’, (2014) 42(3) Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly 525 (available here).
  2. ‘‘Understanding’ and ‘Interpretation’: A Fresh Defence of Dworkin’s Interpretivist Account of Law’, (2015) 40 The Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 66 (available here) (paywalled).


B. Constitutional Theory

  1. ‘Comprehensive Transformative Amendments – Theory and Practice: Rethinking the Place of Women’s Rights in the Constitution, (2015) 13(1) Dartmouth Law Journal 1 (available here).


C. Indian Constitutional Law

  1. ‘The Directive Principles of State Policy: Theory and Practice’ in The Oxford Handbook for the Indian Constitution (Khosla et al eds., OUP 2015) (draft available here)
  2. ‘Horizontal Discrimination and Article 15(2) of the Indian Constitution: A Transformative Approach’, (2016) 11(1) The Asian Journal of Comparative Law (available here – paywalled)
  3. ‘The Conservative Constitution: Freedom of Speech and the Constituent Assembly Debates’ in The Indian Constituent Assembly Debates (Udit Bhatia ed., Routledge 2017) [forthcoming] [available here]
  4. ‘The Primacy of Judges’ in The Most Powerful Court in the World: The Appointment of Judges to the Supreme Court of India (Sengupta & Sharma eds., OUP 2016) [forthcoming] [available here]
  5. ‘State Surveillance and the Right to Privacy in India: A Constitutional Biography’, (2014) 26(2) National Law School of India Review 127 (available here).


D. Comparative Constitutional Law

1. ‘Autonomy, Fairness, Pragmatism, and False Election Speech: A Case Comment on DA vs ANC, [2015] ZACC 1’ (draft available here).


III. Book Reviews

1. Bruce Ackerman, We the People: The Civil Rights Revolution, 684 Seminar 77 (August 2016) (available here)