Legal Documentation

This page will bring together records of some important constitutional and civil rights cases that have been argued before the Supreme Court in recent times. This is necessary because the Indian Supreme Court (a) restricts physical access to its proceedings, (b) does not publish transcripts of arguments, and (c) does not live-stream or otherwise video-record arguments.

The Aadhaar Challenge

  1. The Heads of Challenge (here). 
  2. Oral arguments (live-tweeted): (here).
  3. Written Submissions: K.V. Viswanathan (here); Kapil Sibal (here); 
  4. Judgment: (here).  
  5. Comprehensive documentation available at: Supreme Court Observer (here). 

Kashmir: The Article 370 Challenge

  1. Petitions: Akbar Lone and anr. v Union of India (here); Shah Faesal and Ors v Union of India (here). 
  2. The Union of India’s Counter-Affidavit: (here). 
  3. Petitioners’ Common Rejoinder: (here).
  4. Oral arguments (live tweets) (Petitioners: Day 1; Day 2; Day 3 (Raju Ramachandran); Day 4 (Dinesh Dwivedi) Day 5 (Sanjay Parikh and Zafar Shah)). 
  5. Petitioners’ Written Submissions: Raju Ramachandran (here); 

Kashmir: The Internet Shut-Down Challenge

  1. Petition: Anuradha Bhasin v Union of India (here). 
  2. The Government’s “Limited Affidavit” (here). 
  3. The Government’s “Status Report” (here). 
  4. J&K’s Additional Affidavit (here).
  5. Oral Arguments (live tweets) (here).
  6. Petitioners’ Consolidated Written Submissions (here).
  7. Petitioners’ Individual Written Submissions: Meenakshi Arora (here); Dushyant Dave (here). 
  8. Solicitor-General’s Written Submissions (here).
  9. Judgment (here).     

Kashmir: The Restoration of 4G Internet Challenge

  1. Petition: FMP v Union of India (here).
  2. The Government’s Reply (here).
  3. The Petitioner’s Rejoinder (here).
  4. Petitioner’s Written Submissions (here).
  5. Oral Arguments (live tweets) (here).
  6. Government’s post-hearing anonymous “Note” (here).
  7. Petitioner’s response to Government’s “Note” (here).
  8. Judgment (here).

The Citizenship Amendment Act Challenge

  1. Petitions: Deb Mukherjee v Union of India (here); 

The Central Vista Challenge (Note: there were many petitions in this batch. These documents pertain to the writ petition captioned Kavas Kapadia v Central Public Works Department). They cover arguments pertaining to public participation, cultural heritage, and violation of laws. They do not cover arguments pertaining to change in land use and environmental issues). 

  1. Petition: Kavas Kapadia v Central Public Works Department (here).
  2. Respondents’ counter-affidavit (here). 
  3. Petitioners’ rejoinder (here). 
  4. Petitioners’ pre-hearing Written Submissions (here).
  5. Solicitor-General’s pre-hearing Written Submissions (here). 
  6. Respondents’ Third Consolidated Reply (here). 
  7. Petitioners’ Rejoinder to Respondents’ Third Consolidated Reply (here).   
  8. Oral arguments (live tweets): [TBC]
  9. Petitioners’ Additional Written Submissions (here) with note (here). 
  10. Judgment(s): (here) (majority by Khanwilkar J., partial dissent by Khanna J.).