This is a curated list of academic articles on various aspects of Indian constitutional law. Please send in your suggestions (with hyperlinks, if available).

A. Due Process

P.K. Tripathi, ‘The Fiasco of Overruling A.K. Gopalan“, AIR 1990 (J) 1.

B. Civil Liberties and National Security

1. M. Satish & A. Chandra, ‘Of Maternal State and Minimalist Judiciary: The Indian Supreme Court’s Approach to Terror-Related Adjudication’, (2009) 21(1) National Law School of India Review 51, available here.

2. K. Ramnath, ‘ADM Jabalpur’s Antecedents: Political Emergencies, Civil Liberties, and Arguments from Colonial Continuities in India’, (2016) 31(2) American University International Law Review 209, available here.

C. Freedom of Speech and Expression

1. A. Burra, ‘Arguments from Colonial Continuity: The Constitution (First Amendment) Act, 1951 (available here)

2. A.K. Thiruvengadam, ‘The Evolution of the Constitutional Right to Free Speech in India (1800 – 1950): The Interplay of Universal and Particular Rationales’, available here.

3. S. Swaminathan, ‘The Conflict between Freedom of the Press and Parliamentary Privileges: An Unfamiliar Twist in a Familiar Tale’, (2010) 22(1) National Law School of India Review 123, available here.

4. Chinmayi Arun, ‘Gatekeeper Liability and Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India’, (2015) ___ NUJS Law Review ___, available here.

D. Freedom of Trade and Commerce

1. A.P. Datar, ‘Privilege, Police Power and Res Extra Commercium – Glaring Conceptual Errors’, (2009) 21(1) National Law School of India Review 133, available here.

2. A.P. Datar and S. Swaminathan, ‘Police Powers and the Constitution of India: The Inconspicuous Ascent of an Incongruous American Implant’, (2014) Emory International Law Review 63, available here.

E. Sex Discrimination

1. R. Kapur and B. Cossman, ‘On Women, Equality and the Constitution: Through the Looking Glass of Feminism’, (1993) National Law School Journal 1, available here.

2. Catherine MacKinnon, ‘Sex Equality under the Constitution of India: Problems, Prospects and Personal Laws’, (2006) 4(2) International Journal of Constitutional Law 181, available here.

F. Directive Principles of State Policy

1. J. Minattur, The Unenforceable Directives in the Indian Constitution’, (1975) 1 SCC (Jour) 17, available here.

G. Socio-Economic Rights

1. M. Khosla, ‘Making Social Rights Conditional: Lessons from India’, (2010) 8(4) International Journal of Constitutional Law 739, available here [paywall].

H. Public Interest Litigation

  1. A. Bhuwania, ‘Courting “the People”: the Rise of Public Interest Litigation in Post-Emergency India’, (2014) 34(2) Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 314, available here.

3 responses to “Articles

  1. Rav Singh

    Upendra Baxi, ‘”A known but an indifferent judge”: Situating Ronald Dworkin in contemporary Indian jurisprudence’ (2003) 1(4) International Journal of Constitutional Law 557, available

    Abhishek Sudhir, ‘Discovering Dworkin in the Supreme Court of India – A Comparative Excursus’ (2014) 7(1) NUJS Law Review 13, available

  2. Anubha

    Hi, can you do a list of articles and books that have inspired you or were beneficial to your legal education?

  3. saniya

    Could u write something on Article 14 (reasonable classification)

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